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Lyric Nonsense

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul

Lyra Ngalia
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Lyr·a·Nga·li·a - (leer-a ya-ga-lee-a) n. 1) an individual obsessed with various fandoms and pairings who expresses said obsession through the written word.
See also: rabid fangirl, fanfiction, slash

Lyr·ic·Non·sense - (leer-ik non-sens) n. 1) a fandom journal by one Lyra Ngalia containing musings on her fandoms, various attempts at icons and banners, as well as fanfiction, 2) an apt description of the thoughts of Lyra.
See also: Lyra Ngalia, fanfiction, rambling

Because this cannot be reiterated enough:

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Credit to lyricnonsense

Winner of the fmadesignawards Week 50 Couples Colourbar Challenge